Is your organisation striving for exceptional results, in a competitive market, with demanding customers…all whilst trying to look after the wellbeing of your staff?

We provide a suite of approaches to keep your staff thriving, enhance resilience, prevent burnout, and proactively spot where further support is needed.

“I understand the challenges of the corporate world. I’ve worked in high pressure industries such as Finance, Law & Consulting. We’re all going to face unpleasant stakeholders, spikes in workload, uncertainty and change, but exceptional performance isn’t a competition between productivity OR wellbeing – it’s the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ where the two meet.” - Harriet

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When you work with us, you’ll always get

☐ Flexible approaches that mesh with the demanding workloads and unpredictable schedule of your staff

Breath-of-fresh-air delivery that people will actively engage with (including the cynical ones).

Honest, systemic feedback so you can address any wider issues.

Example offerings include: 

The Stand Up and Thrive programme: an award-winning one-stop-shop to help your staff thrive, combining informative self-assessments with online DIY resources and live sessions: wellbeing workouts; the ‘brainfood’ club; small-group coaching; weekly guided challenges; comprehensive downloadable guides… and much, much more. 

Content rich sessions.  Informative and action-orientated sessions to help folks manage their performance. Delivered face to face or virtually. Favourite topics include: 

  •  Performance under pressure: dealing with stress resourcefully
  •  From ‘meh’ to ‘mojo’: rekindling energy and motivation
  •  Building purpose and meaning in life and at work
  •  Imposter Syndrome: how to banish the negativity and find the resourcefulness in self-doubt
  •  Perfectionism: improving both results and learning without chasing unicorns
  •  Helpful habits: how to make good habits your automatic, default setting. 
  •  Work life balance: save the world, but be back in time for tea
  •  Belief and confidence: taming your demons
  •  Bouncebackability: how to respond when Fate vomits on your duvet
  • Difficult conversations and tricky stakeholders: saying what needs to be said, elegantly.

Wellbeing workouts: think Joe Wicks for the mind. Regular, active virtual sessions to build wellbeing and resilience. Attendees are guided through a series of exercises: some are ‘thinking exercises’ which build resourceful thinking patterns, some are physical exercises to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, some exercises focus on actions proven to build wellbeing. 

Executive Coaching

High support, high challenge coaching to help
your senior leaders thrive.

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The Stand Up and Thrive keynote

A refreshing speech on the importance of both mental health and performance. Ideal for your virtual or face to face company conference.

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